Our People.

Lord Louk

His career is set for the stars. Growing up in East London, Lord Louk started off with battle rapping in street corners at a very young age. He was one the best among his peers and still is. He is one of the London Greats trio, he actually came up with the trio’s first Mixtape title and concept, “Waking Up Famous”. 


Alongside his cousin, Lorde Louk, Nero started with just making beats at the age of 13. He decided to start writing and recording vocals in 2016 and turned out to flourish at it. He is also one of the London Greats trio, he was also the executive producer of the trio’s first Mixtape “Waking Up Famous” in 2016.

King Em

His name speaks for itself, King Em’s approach to people and personality has built him quite a number of fans. His single “Blesser Anthem” released in 2016 is still one of the best hip hop songs to ever come out of East London and bare in mind, it was his very first time recording or releasing a song. He is also one of the London Greats trio.